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Extraordinary Ability  -  If you possess sustained international or national acclaim in your field and you are coming to the United States to continue working in your field, you may qualify for immigration as a priority worker.

Marriage-based Immigration  - If you are a US citizen, you  may petition your spouse for a green card as an Immediate Relative.

The Immediate Relative category also includes unmarried children under 21 or parents of U.S. citizens, and is not subject to visa backlogs.  

Healthcare Workers – If you are a professional in the healthcare field, you may be sponsored for a temporary worker visa or for a green card. A special group of healthcare workers may qualify for green cards as Schedule A occupations that do not undergo the lengthy process of foreign labor certification.

Naturalization – In general, if you have been a permanent resident for at least five years, or in certain cases, for three years, plus you meet all eligibility requirements, you may apply for naturalization as a U.S. citizen. 



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I am a New York attorney with over 10 years of experience in handling all types of family-sponsored immigration. I have worked on various employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions for professionals and skilled workers in a fast-paced environment for a variety of clients from Fortune 500, small and medium entities to start-ups and non-profits.  I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

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